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This site is for people who want to find unique and beautiful ways to display their personal family tree– including names, dates and pictures of their ancestors going back four generations.  

If you’re a family history enthusiast like me- you are probably already familiar with most of the genealogy related software and online services out there.  They’ve been around for years and generally do a great job at what they do.  But when it comes to creating artistic or beautiful displays of your family tree to frame and hang on a wall- well… you’re left with plain, basic charts with lots of white space, no artistic value, and something that you print on your home printer on an 8.5 x 11 sized paper.  Not exactly something that makes for a great family heirloom type gift.

For those of you, who like me, want to make your family heritage a more integral part of your family life, you’re in luck!  You don’t have to settle for a simple family tree chart anymore.  Now you can have family tree art! 

You’ve done your research and collected your names, dates and pictures- now it’s time to take all that hard work and create something really rewarding and meaningful.   Our artwork is custom created for you using the names, dates and photos that you supply.  We go through a tedious, painstaking process to retouch your family tree pictures (photos) to look their very best in your project.  This includes cropping them correctly, removing native backgrounds and replacing them with a solid color background specifically designed to look great in each of our templates.  We also use Sepia filtering to make them all blend well together and correct lighting and contrast as well as fix minor blemishes.  You can choose from our different templates and different fonts.  You can also choose from our different sizes and finishes.  The end result is a stunningly beautiful piece of custom artwork of your family tree that is carefully and lovingly shipped directly to your door with 2-3 weeks of ordering.

Here are some examples of some finished products.  See for yourself what I’m talking about and imagine creating something like this to give a loved family member at a special occasion!  Now that’s a special and unique gift that is truly meaningful and will be cherished for life!

Family Tree Picture Chart Tapestry Gold

Tapestry Gold Template- Premium Frame

Family Tree Picture Chart Celtic

Celtic Rust Template- Premium Frame

Family Tree Picture Chart Celtic Green

Celtic Green- Basic Frame

Family Tree Picture Chart Tapestry Gold Basic

Tapestry Gold- Basic Frame

 Feel free to browse around to learn more about how you can make your very own personalized family tree picture art!  When you’re ready to get started (free to start), just click here to go to Geneartogy– my project building site!

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Family Tree Picture Chart Video

I created a short video (1:49) about Family Tree Picture Chart.  Enjoy!  And please share this video with your family and friends that you think might be interested.

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Family Tree Picture Chart Templates

We have three basic template styles.

Family Tree Picture Chart Tapestry Gold Malabar

Tapestry Gold 4x4

Family Tree Picture Chart Mosaic Autumn

Mosaic Autumn 4x4

Family Tree Picture Chart Celtic Rust Framed

Celtic Rust 4x4

 Some of those can be had in different colorations.  Any of our templates can be done as 4×4 (four generations of pictures and four generations of names/dates) or 3×4 (three generations of pictures and four generations of names/dates).  Depending upon the age of the people in generation one (at the center of the tree) it sometimes becomes difficult to find pictures of the fourth generation back, which is why we offer a 3×4 version of any of our templates. 

Also, we offer attractive silhouettes- both male and female- to be used where actual photos are just not available.  Don’t let not having 100% of the photos stop you from creating your own custom family tree picture art piece.  Most of our customers don’t have all the pictures.  Some end up using more silhouettes than photos- but the end result still looks great!

See All Our Template Options 

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Family Tree Picture Chart Gifts

We all face those times every year where an important family event is coming up- a major anniversary, a milestone birthday, a family reunion. If you’re like me, you get pretty tired of the same-old gifts that are nice, but not meaningful in any lasting way and certainly don’t rise to the level of a family heirloom that will be treasured for life.

Well, my friend, you can now become a gift giving hero! You can now create something so unique and meaningful that it will instantly become a cherished family heirloom to whoever you give it to. How do I know this? It happened to me- and it has happend to every single one of my customers since I created Geneartogy to help people create their own custom family tree picture charts that go way beyond a simple chart- but truly become a work of fine art!

Common reactions I hear from our customers include tears of joy, hugs and lot’s of “wow’s” and “amazings!”  Such reactions are priceless and makes all the effort the gift giver went through to create their custom family tree picture art well worth it.  But the benefits are much more than just an initial emotional impact- they are lasting!  The custom Geneartogy project is hung in the home in a prominant place where it can be seen on a daily basis and appreciated every time it is seen.

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Family Tree Picture Chart Start

When you think of making a family tree picture chart- what images come to mind?  A diagram on white paper with black lines and text and some tiny thumbnail pictures?  That’s pretty much what you’ll get if you look anywhere else but here. 

There are a lot of really great genealogy and family tree related software or online services to choose from.  They will help you do all sorts of cool and interesting things- so long as it’s on your computer screen.  You can add all sorts of relatives and type in their information and create a “virtual” family tree within the software.  Cool stuff really.

But I had done all that (or had access to work others in my family had done).  It was fine for what it was- but there came a time when I wanted my family heritage to get off the computer screen and put in right on the wall of my home. 

But when it came to artistic displays- I soon learned that I was out of luck when it came to the various websites and software providers in the family tree and genealogy field.  My options where pretty much limited to printing out boring looking charts on my home computer- not exactly something I wanted to proudly hang in my living room for all to see. 

Sure, I could maybe get a pdf file at a much larger size than my home printer could print and take it to a print shop that could print large format- but what did that really accomplish?  It would have just given me a bigger version of boring- and it was still just on a piece of paper at the end of the day.

Wasn’t there a better solution?  Wasn’t there anybody that had figured out a way to create a family tree picture chart that was artistic and beautiful and that I would actually WANT to display in my home?

As it turns out- there really wasn’t.  I learned that after searching far and wide- both online and off line.  The best I could come up with where still just charts- and I wanted something more- I wanted art!  The short version of the story is that I eventually designed and created my own beautiful artistic family tree picture chart- a four generation photo pedigree chart that now hangs in my home and blesses (and impresses) all who see it.

Here’s what my original family tree picture chart (really art) looks like:

Original Family Tree Picture Chart

The Original Family Tree Picture Art

The good news for you is that now there is somewhere you can go online to create really beautiful family tree picture charts out of your own family ancestry.  http://geneartogy.com is the site I ended up creating to allow others who wanted what I wanted to create it much more easily than I had to.

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