Hi- I’m John.  Back in 2008, I was responsible for planning a family reunion and decided I wanted to make a really nice, artistic family tree picture chart that started with my parents and went back three generations from them (four generations in total).  I figured that there must be something I could find online that would help me create a really nice, artistic looking family tree that included photos of my ancestors- along with their names and dates. 

As it turned out, I was wrong!  I searched for months, both online and off line and couldn’t find anything that even came close to allowing me to create a family tree picture chart that looked like custom art.  So eventually I created my own- and although it took countless hours, the end result was really beautiful and everyone who saw it loved it. 

I knew I had created something that a lot of other people would appreciate as well and I felt I had a duty to figure out a way to help others that wanted to create beautiful custom family tree picture charts like mine to create them- but to create them  much more simply and cost effectively than my original one.
The result was what I call Geneartogy- which is basically a contraction of genealogy and art.   Discover more about how you can create your own custom family tree picture chart on this site. 

Even today, years later, I still love to look at my framed family tree artwork hanging in my home.  It gives me a daily reminder of my connection to my ancestors- to their sacrifices to give me the wonderful life that I have and to my family heritage.   Every visitor that comes to my home is instantly attracted to my family tree art piece and comments on how beautiful it is and how they would love something like that.  

I want you to experience the same thing- and now you can!

Family Tree Picture Chart Geneartogy

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