Family Tree Picture Chart Templates

We have three basic template styles.

Family Tree Picture Chart Tapestry Gold Malabar

Tapestry Gold 4x4

Family Tree Picture Chart Mosaic Autumn

Mosaic Autumn 4x4

Family Tree Picture Chart Celtic Rust Framed

Celtic Rust 4x4

 Some of those can be had in different colorations.  Any of our templates can be done as 4×4 (four generations of pictures and four generations of names/dates) or 3×4 (three generations of pictures and four generations of names/dates).  Depending upon the age of the people in generation one (at the center of the tree) it sometimes becomes difficult to find pictures of the fourth generation back, which is why we offer a 3×4 version of any of our templates. 

Also, we offer attractive silhouettes- both male and female- to be used where actual photos are just not available.  Don’t let not having 100% of the photos stop you from creating your own custom family tree picture art piece.  Most of our customers don’t have all the pictures.  Some end up using more silhouettes than photos- but the end result still looks great!

See All Our Template Options 

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